April 2, 2013     

Our team is excited to have the opportunity to share their views on current news and trends in the networking and telecommunications industries.  Each week, we will address hot topics such as new product lines, company mergers and acquisitions, industry events and announcements, and more.

During almost 20 years of tracking the key technology equipment markets, we have observed the major trends in our industry, following the progress of important and often-times disruptive technologies, and the vendors furnishing them.  We are in an exciting time of fundamental change in every part of the network–carrier, enterprise, SOHO—and we look forward to the thrilling developments this change will bring.

This blog will enable our analysts to have personal interaction with readers in a ‘business-casual’ setting, allowing for professional discourse, debate, and discussion.  Analysts will have the chance to share their thoughts more frequently and on a larger variety of topics, while readers will have the chance to ask questions and hear what our analysts think about the latest trends in the markets.

We hope you’ll enjoy the blog as much as we will.  Feel free to subscribe to our RSS feed to stay updated on the latest posts, or follow us on Twitter: @DellOroGroup.


Tam Dell'Oro

Posted by Tam Dell'Oro on April 2, 2013

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Tam Dell’Oro is the founder and president of Dell’Oro Group, a research and consulting firm that specializes in business planning and strategic competitive analysis in the networking and telecommunications industry.