NFV and Carrier SDN Research—Information You Need to Make Informed Business Decisions

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) became a high-profile technology movement in late 2012 when the largest and most influential telecommunications network operators in the world established the NFV thesis—To establish a new way for network operators to design networks so that network functions will be deployed using standard IT technologies, instead of dedicated and specialized network appliances and hardware. The NFV movement surged as telecom operators and vendors quickly ramped research and development efforts. The vendor landscape broadened with traditional telecom infrastructure suppliers joined by vendors from the IT equipment, software, and services industries. It is clear that the drive to NFV network architectures has created new industry paradigms for network technologies, business, and financial models.

With the view of providing our clients with actionable research and clarity on the NFV movement, Dell’Oro Group leverages our in-depth research of telecom equipment markets, carrier economics, and our broad knowledge of business and financial operating models. This approach gives us unique insights of how NFV is impacting current equipment markets, as well as future technologies and business models from both the network operator and vendor perspectives.

Dell’Oro Group’s NFV and Carrier SDN Research
– Our Approach: we believe that NFV is part of a long-term evolution of telecom operator networks and businesses. We take a take a holistic view of how technologies, operations, and business models are evolving on the path to creating a complete NFV platform. Our NFV research strives to track progress across a broad range of technologies and to highlight the emerging trends and developments of this rapidly changing movement—such as addressing the recent emergence of Carrier SDN. By updating our research on a regular, periodic basis, we are able to provide timely insights into the latest developments and trends that characterize the dynamic and exciting NFV market.

– Detailed Reports: our senior analysts collaborate to combine their deep understanding of network equipment markets to assess what is driving decisions for NFV development, adoption, and deployment. We track the network equipment markets that are affected by NFV including:

  • Carrier IP Telephony
  • Routers and Carrier Ethernet Switches
  • Wireless Packet Core

– Key Trends: we expect to expand our NFV research in the near future to include a broader range of networking and IT technologies. Some of the areas that we address and plan to expand are:

VNF: Discussions and forecasts for a broader range of virtualized network functions (VNFs) and related service offerings. These may include topics such as virtual CPE (vCPE), network security, and VNF bundles.
NFVI and MANO: Forecasts for NFV Infrastructure (NFVI) and Management and Orchestration (MANO) in addition to the Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs) currently forecasted.
Carrier SDN: Discussions on the technologies and implications of this emerging area in which network control and automation compliment NFV to enhance service delivery and operational efficiencies. We anticipate a wide-ranging discussion and will leverage Dell’Oro Group analysts’ knowledge from many of our research programs, including Optical Transport, Routers and Carrier Ethernet, Mobile RAN, and Access.

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