1. The Carrier IP Telephony market grew over 20% in the first quarter of 2014.  What is driving this growth?Chris DePuy 2012_t


2. How do you measure deployment activity for VoLTE services?

There are two main components to this measurement.  1) We take a look at the total number of VoLTE subscribers at each of the major carriers.  2) We look at investment levels in capital expenditure for (i) Wireless VAS  (ii) IMS Core  (iii) Wireless SBC.   

3. In areas where Service Providers are deploying systems to launch advanced services, such as Voice over LTE and Rich Communications Services, which segments are seeing the most dramatic growth?

Wireless VAS, IMS Core, and Wireless SBC are seeing the biggest positive growth changes in the market.  A voice application server’s (VAS) primary function is to host and execute program logic for voice and multimedia applications within a service provider’s packet voice network.  IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) describes a standards-based architecture for enabling the delivery of multimedia services such as voice calls, messaging, and file sharing.  The primary purpose of session border controllers (SBC) is to facilitate the transport of VoIP across network boundaries.

4. Which segments of the Carrier IP Telephony market represent the majority of revenues?

In 2013, the majority of revenues came from Softswitch and Media Gateways.  In 2014 we are seeing this shift to the combined share of Wireless VAS, IMS Core, and Wireless SBC.  We anticipate that SPs will start deploying Wireless VAS, IMS and SBC systems on a more compressed time-scale, as many technical hurdles have been overcome.

5. How are older products, such as Media Gateway and Softswitch doing?

Service providers should be concerned about lack of support for older products, such as Media Gateway (MG) and Softswitch (SS), as these devices are likely to be technically obsolete in 3 to 5 years.  MG and SS are related to 2G and 3G services; as LTE rolls out, 2G and 3G are becoming secondary priority.  While capital spending on 2G and 3G services is way down, this market will survive for many years.


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