Looking past the over 20,000 attendees, the packed sessions, and a concert with Imagine Dragons and Train, I observed many interesting trends.  First, from a vendor perspective, almost all the major Ethernet Switch, ADC, WANOP, and Security vendors had a significant presence.  In many ways, the show floor and VMworld was more about networking and the data center than Interop in Las Vegas.

Second, vendors and customers remain uncertain on how to handle the Cloud.  From a vendor point of view, it is clear the Cloud is disruptive to how equipment is procured and will change the relationship between vendors and customers.  But it is also clear, especially after the NSA news, that customers are not certain.  In passing conversation with end-users, the topic of the NSA physically taking a hard drive, or pulling all the data came up more than once, and not in a joking manner.

Third, vendor fear in Amazon is growing enough so as to make it onto many presentation charts and to be discussed in many sessions and by many vendors on the show floor.  Vendors are starting to evaluate that customer concentration is going to increase, regardless of who wins the Cloud wars.

Overall I thought VMworld was a great show this year and I look forward to what is in store for us next year.


Alan Weckel

Posted by Alan Weckel on August 30, 2013

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Alan Weckel is Vice President of Enterprise Telephony and Ethernet Switch market research at Dell’Oro Group. He joined Dell’Oro Group in early 2006 and is also in charge of the firm's Enterprise and Data Center coverage areas.