We recently hosted a webinar on the topic of “SP WiFi – The Emergence of New Services,” with Avren in the lead-up to Carrier WiFi Americas taking place 2-4 December in Dallas.

I was joined by:

  • Graham Cove, Director of WiFi from EE (formerly known as Everything Everywhere, a UK-based telecom service provider)
  • Ian Maclean, VP Strategy and Marketing, Mavenir Systems (a technology vendor to telecom service providers)
  • Jon Finegold, VP Marketing, Scratch Wireless (a ‘WiFi First’ service provider that leverages WiFi)
  • Josh Lonn, Senior Director Communication Services, T-Mobile US (a leading service provider in the US that has enabled WiFi calling).

Some topics I covered in my presentation were:

  • Our forecasts of the size of the SP WiFi market
  • Our forecasts of the size of the number of available WiFi infrastructure devices that will be available for WiFi calling and texting
  • Our forecast of the size of VoLTE (Voice over LTE) and Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi) infrastructure capital spendingSPWifi Installed Base Expectation
  • The advantages of using WiFi coverage to enhance user experience and coverage – especially when indoors.

Our panelists were asked to discuss various topics such as:

  • Percentage of time users are connected to WiFi versus cellular
  • How the deployment of LTE has impacted WiFi deployment plans
  • Impact of WiFi First and services over WiFi on femtocell demand
  • Which WiFi infrastructure is best, residential, enterprise, SP?
  • What is the financial impact of using WiFi?
  • Business and technical hurdles for mass market adoption of WiFi

This was an exciting webinar and we encourage you to listen to the recording if you didn’t join us live!

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Coverage of these technologies can be found in Dell’Oro Group’s Wireless LAN, Wireless Packet Core and Carrier IP Telephony Reports.


Chris DePuy

Posted by Chris DePuy on October 22, 2014

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