The Carrier IP Telephony market continues to be highly dynamic, as service providers transition their legacy voice networks to VoIP to provide new services, many of which will be based on IMS equipment.

To take advantage of the opportunities in this market, component manufacturers, equipment vendors, service providers, and financial institutions need to answer critical business questions including:

  • How will IMS, SBC and VAS equipment affect the market for fixed and mobile core equipment?
  • What happens to capital spending as Voice over LTE (VoLTE) services emerge?
  • How is vendor consolidation impacting the market?
  • How fast is the market for wireless voice core equipment transitioning away from circuit-based MSCs, media gateways and softswitches?
  • How are high-growth services like SIP Trunking and IP Centrex/Outsourced Telephony affecting the equipment market, and how are these impacted by wireless network activity?
  • Who are the winners as the market transitions to Network Function Virtualization (NFV)?

To answer these and other important questions, Dell’Oro Group delivers both quarterly reports and 5-year forecasts on the Carrier IP Telephony market.

Carrier IP Telephony Quarterly Reports

Dell’Oro Group publishes Carrier IP Telephony quarterly reports containing in-depth market-level and detailed vendor market share information on the following market segments:

  • Softswitch (SS–Wireless and Wireline)
  • Media Gateway (MGW–Wireless and Wireline)
  • Session Border Controller (SBC–Wireless and Wireline)
  • Voice Application Server (VAS–Wireless and Wireline)
  • IMS Core (Call Session Control Function–CSCF; Home Subscriber Server–HSS) (Wireless and Wireline)
  • Legacy Mobile Switching Center (MSC–Wireless) (Historical)

The reports include tables showing manufacturers’ revenue, licenses, channels, sessions and / or units shipped, and average selling prices. In addition we include VoLTE market by network function implementation (NFV and Non-NFV) for:

  • SBC
  • VAS
  • IMS

We also track:

  • The SS, MGW, SBC, VAS and IMS by region by Vendor–North America, EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa), Asia Pacific, and CALA (Caribbean and Latin America)
  • Worldwide Voice Core Market Revenue Split by Wireline (Softswitch, Media Gateway, Session Border Controller and Wireline Voice Application Server) and Wireless (Softswitch, Media Gateway and Legacy MSC)
  • Wireline Softswitch license shipments by application: residential voice (VoBB), business voice (IP Centrex), IP business trunks (SIP Trunks), and POTS & TI/EI access
  • Wireless Softswitch and Media Gateway shipments by application: GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, WiMAX, and LTE

Carrier IP Telephony 5-Year Forecasts

Dell’Oro Group publishes Carrier IP Telephony 5-year forecasts offering a complete overview of the market with historical data from 2002 to the present. The reports provide a comprehensive overview of market trends and include tables covering revenue, shipments, average selling price, and regional forecasts for various technologies:

  • Softswitch
  • Media Gateway
  • Session Border Controller
  • Voice Application Server
  • IMS (CSCF / HSS)
  • Legacy Mobile Switching Center (Historical data only)

We also forecast the VoLTE market by network function implementation (NFV and Non-NFV):

  • Session Border Controller
  • Voice Application Server
  • IMS (CSCF / HSS)

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