The Enterprise Telephony market has evolved over the past several years and is now offering a number of business advantages with new technologies such as IP and Unified Communications.

To take advantage of the opportunities in this market, component manufacturers, equipment vendors, service providers, and financial institutions need to answer critical business questions including:

  • How quickly is the VoIP market growing and what trends are influencing its growth?
  • How quickly will businesses deploy Unified Communications?
  • How is vendor consolidation impacting the market?
  • Which equipment vendors lead the market?

To answer these and other important questions, Dell’Oro Group delivers both quarterly reports and 5-year forecasts on the Enterprise Telephony market.

Enterprise Telephony Quarterly Reports

Dell’Oro Group publishes Enterprise Telephony quarterly reports containing in-depth market-level and detailed vendor market share information on the following markets:

  • PBX (IP, Hybrid, Traditional PBX*, Traditional Key*)
  • Telephones (IP and Legacy Business Phones)
  • Enterprise Voice Applications

*Historical data only.

The reports include tables showing manufacturers’ revenue, units/lines shipped and average selling prices.

We also track:

  • PBX and Telephone segments by region – North America, EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa), Asia-Pacific, and CALA (Caribbean and Latin America)
  • PBX vendor shipments by region – North America, EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa), Asia-Pacific, and CALA (Caribbean and Latin America)
  • Unified Communications market revenues (including a four-quarter rolling forecast)
  • Unified Communications vendor market share revenues by segments – PBX, Telephone and Voice Applications

Enterprise Telephony 5-Year Forecasts

Dell’Oro Group publishes Enterprise Telephony 5-year forecasts, offering a complete overview of the market with historical data from 2001 to the present. The reports provide a comprehensive overview of market trends and include tables covering revenue, unit/line shipments, and average selling price forecasts for various technologies:

  • IP PBX
  • Hybrid IP/TDM PBX
  • Traditional PBX*
  • Traditional Key System*
  • Telephones
  • Enterprise Voice Applications (revenue only)

*Historical data only.

We also forecast:

  • Unified Communications (revenue only)
  • Real GDP growth for the USA, Europe and worldwide

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