Explosive growth in mobile data traffic is driving service providers to expand their mobile backhaul capacity and to deploy higher-speed data-centric technologies, such as LTE. Point-to-point microwave transmission equipment is an ever-important technology that enables service providers to backhaul the hefty load of network traffic driven by the rising usage of mobile data services.

To take advantage of the opportunities in this market, component manufacturers, equipment vendors, service providers, and financial institutions need to answer critical business questions including:

  • How quickly will the Microwave Transmission market grow and what events will influence its growth?
  • What is the future demand for the various types of microwave transmission systems – TDM Microwave, Packet Microwave and Hybrid Microwave?
  • Which vendors lead the equipment market?
  • What are the pricing trends of microwave equipment?

To answer these and other important questions, Dell’Oro Group delivers both quarterly reports and 5-year forecasts on the Microwave Transmission market.

Microwave Transmission Quarterly Reports

Dell’Oro Group publishes Microwave Transmission quarterly reports containing in-depth market-level and detailed vendor market share information on the following markets:

  • TDM Microwave
  • Packet Microwave
  • Hybrid Microwave

The reports include tables showing manufacturers’ revenue, radio transceivers, and average selling prices by various capacities (low, high and E/V band).

We also track:

  • The Microwave Transmission market by region – North America, EMEA, Europe only, Africa only, Middle East only, Asia Pacific, and Rest of World
  • The Microwave Transmission market by vendor for full indoor and full outdoor units (each reported separately) as well as applications (mobile backhaul and verticals)
  • TDM Microwave, Packet Microwave and Hybrid Microwave vendor port shipments by speed – T1/E1 Equivalent, Ethernet 100 Mbps, and Ethernet 1 Gbps

Mobile Backhaul & Microwave Transmission 5-Year Forecasts

Dell’Oro Group publishes Mobile Backhaul & Microwave Transmission 5-year forecasts offering a complete overview of the market with historical data from 2009 to the present. The forecasts provide a comprehensive overview of market trends and include tables covering revenue, ports and radio transceivers shipments, average selling price, and regional forecasts for various technologies:

  • Mobile Backhaul (including Macro Cell and Small Cell)
  • TDM Microwave
  • Packet Microwave
  • Hybrid Microwave

We also forecast:

  • Full indoor and outdoor units
  • Worldwide wireless subscribers by technology

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