I wrote a blog published on Lightwave online – the primary focus is the data center interconnect market opportunity. Learn more about why the DCI is a matter from this exclusive blog I shared with Lightwave.


The infrastructure of the cloud—data centers and the computer and networking systems resources housed within—is expanding rapidly as the demand for cloud services spreads globally. The traffic between data centers, as well as traffic into and out of the cloud, is expected to grow strongly, placing pressure on the data center interconnect (DCI) networks used to connect the data centers.

DCI has been a hot topic for several years. However, DCI does not have a standard-based or a specific technical definition, and as such, the DCI nomenclature is used across the networking industry to describe and include any number of network types, technologies, and products. So we faced the questions: How big is the DCI market, and what is the opportunity for networking products and vendors?

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Shin Umeda

Posted by Shin Umeda on March 29, 2019

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