Sameh Boujelbene

Sameh Boujelbene

Senior Research Director

Over the past several years, users have been shifting away from desktop computers and over to laptops (or other devices) and this migration to mobility has depressed the Ethernet Switch market sales into Enterprise Campus networks.

Dell’Oro Group analysts explored this prevailing wisdom and came upon unexpected results: Wireless LAN is poised to accelerate Ethernet Switch market sales and this effect will become evident as early as 2018.

Our Campus Network Report aims to dive deep into these findings and discusses the level of Ethernet Switch market sales that have been substituted by Wireless LAN deployments in the Enterprise Campus.

The report answers such questions as:

  • How has the increase in user mobility changed Enterprise spending on Campus Networks?
  • To what degree have Wireless LAN deployments substituted sales of Ethernet Switches?
  • What are the fundamental drivers of the Ethernet Switch market?
  • How many Ethernet Switch ports have potentially been displaced by Wireless LAN?

The report includes years of history and a 5-year forecast on the Enterprise Campus comparing and contrasting Wireless LAN and Ethernet Switch portions that substitute and portions that expanded the network. In addition, the report also includes tables containing quarterly revenue, average selling prices, and port or unit shipments by the equipment manufacturer.

Technologies tracked in the report include:

  • Ethernet Switch ports shipments — Modular + Fixed
  • Enterprise Wireless LAN Access Points Indoor + Outdoor

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