Cliff Grossner

Vice President

There is a tremendous amount of silicon innovation driven by the digitization of the enterprise and evolving expectations of consumers. Applications serving these new purposes have changed with the inclusion of AI and ML techniques, adoption of new software development technologies and methodologies, and the requirement to process very large data sets. Compute infrastructure, servers and storage devices, are evolving to be more diverse: CPU architectures based upon x86 instruction sets or Arm; coprocessors for parallel processing (GPUs, FPGAs, TPUs, etc.); vendor specialized packet processors in Ethernet switches (Broadcom, Intel/Barefoot, Innovium) and AI coprocessors such as Huawei’s Ascend silicon, DPUs on Ethernet adapters, and computational capabilities added to storage devices using GPUs, FPGAs and CPUs.

In this report, it is our objective to dig deeper into the adoption of select silicon components in IT equipment and assess the opportunity for equipment vendors, silicon component vendors and semiconductor manufacturers.

The report addresses such questions as:

  • What is driving the recent market shifts towards more diverse silicon in IT equipment?
  • Role of AI and ML in setting requirements for IT equipment designs?
  • Who are the emerging market players changing incumbent vendors with new IT equipment silicon?
  • Use cases where IT equipment with new silicon is deployed?
  • What differences can we expect in Telecom SPs, Cloud SPs and enterprises IT equipment silicon purchasing?
  • What is the IT silicon opportunity by IT equipment category over the next 5 years?
  • What IT silicon design technologies, example Chiplets, can have the largest impact over the next five years?

The report includes a 5-year forecast for the following areas:

  • IT equipment by silicon component (%Devices by component)
  • In-device silicon component shipments by device and silicon component revenue
  • IT Equipment Silicon by Customer Segment
    • Telecom SP
    • Cloud SP
    • Enterprise