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REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – July 23, 2014 –In a newly released Five-Year Forecast Report by Dell’Oro Group, the trusted source for market information about the networking and telecommunications industries, server network ports are expected to exceed $1.7 Billion in revenue and 40 Million ports by 2018.  While 10 Gbps is set to drive more than fifty percent of revenue and ports over the next five years, the recently announced 25 Gbps speed is expected to drive the second highest server Ethernet port sales and shipments by 2018.

“During the first quarter of 2014, both Broadcom and Microsoft confirmed activity around 25 Gbps solutions for server access.  On July 1st, 25 Gbps technology gained additional traction, with Arista, Broadcom, Google, Mellanox, and Microsoft issuing a joint press release regarding creation of a consortium backing 25 Gbps,” said Sameh Boujelbene, Director at Dell’Oro Group. “25 Gbps drives a better cost curve than 40 Gbps as most components that support 100 Gbps can be easily split to 25 Gbps. Material Capex and Opex savings can also be achieved, especially by mega cloud providers as 25 Gbps cabling infrastructure can likely support many generations of servers and network equipment. We believe that two of the large cloud providers, such as Google and Microsoft alone, could drive a 25 Gbps ecosystem.”

The report also reveals the impact of divergent requirements of cloud customers and the rest of the market (i.e. HPCs vs. High-end enterprise vs. SMBs).

About the Reports

The Dell’Oro Group Controller and Adapter 5-Year Forecast Report offers complete in-depth coverage of the Ethernet Controller and Adapter market with tables covering manufacturers’ revenue, average selling prices, and port shipments for 1 Gbps, 10 Gbps, 25 Gbps and 40 Gbps Ethernet as well as  Fibre Channel over Ethernet controllers and adapters.  To purchase these reports, please contact Julie Learmond-Criqui at +1.650.622.9400 x244 or email

About Dell’Oro Group

As the trusted source for market information about the networking and telecommunications industries, Dell’Oro Group provides in-depth, objective research and analysis that enables component manufacturers, equipment vendors, and investment firms to make fact-based, strategic decisions.  For more information, contact Dell’Oro Group at +1.650.622.9400 or visit