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REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – July 20, 2016 – According to a brand new report by Dell’Oro Group, the trusted source for market information about the telecommunications, networks, and data center IT industries, 5G RAN revenues, including pre-5G and standards-based 5G RAN investments, in 2020 will likely eclipse the level of 4G RAN revenues in 2010.

“Even if the perceived incremental improvements for today’s smartphone use case might not appear as significant in the pending shift from 4G-to-5G as5G in the 3G-to-4G transition, the combination of a high performance network coupled with new successful technologies, applications, and services will together form the basis for a transition that will have a significantly broader effect than previous mobile technology migrations. This will create massive opportunities for both existing and new players,” said Stefan Pongratz, analyst with the Dell’Oro Group.

The report shows 5G RAN revenues in 2020 to be more than 2x the size of 4G RAN revenues in 2010. The thesis is predicated on the assumption that the average 5G network in 2020 will be smaller than the average 4G network in 2010 but operator participation will be greater.

The report also analyzes the potential magnitude and timing of the 5G ramp post 2020 – which currently assumes the probability of 5G ramping slower than 4G Year 3 to Year 7 post launch is greater than 0.5.

About the Report

Dell’Oro Group’s Advanced Research: 5G RAN Report offers a complete overview of the 5G Mobile RAN industry with tables covering manufacturers’ revenue and access units analyzed by RF Output power (macro and small cells), RAN architecture (centralized, cloud, distributed, integrated), and by region (North America, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia Pacific, and Rest of World). To purchase this report, please contact Matt Dear at +1.650.622.9400 x223 or email


Dell’Oro Group is a market research firm that specializes in strategic competitive analysis in the telecommunications, networks, and data center IT markets.  Our firm provides in-depth quantitative data and qualitative analysis to facilitate critical, fact-based business decisions.  For more information, contact Dell’Oro Group at +1.650.622.9400 or visit