Dave Bolan

Dave Bolan

Research Director

Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) has been a buzzword since 2014. Finally, in 2019, we have seen the beginning of deployments. The scope of the Dell’Oro Group report is to reveal the market opportunity for the Infrastructure Edge. The Infrastructure Edge works in conjunction with the central core. Data that is sent upstream from the Radio Access Network (RAN) can go one of two ways, to the central Core, or to the Infrastructure Edge, that has been moved closer to the RAN to reduce latency.

The market is segmented by Public MEC, access for the public at-large on a service provider network, and Private MEC, where the RAN and the MEC System is on-premises at an enterprise. Market drivers and uses cases are highlighted that are driving the Infrastructure Edge Market for MEC Systems.

Deploying a MEC System is not a trivial deployment and it is something that has to seamlessly integrate into a 5G wireless network, for example. There are many moving parts, and as a result a very robust ecosystem of a diverse group of vendors are competing to meet the implementation requirements of a MEC system. A review of the MEC System architecture and the range of vendors that are addressing the opportunity are covered.

To provide an estimate of the number of MEC Systems required, an overview of the Dell’Oro Group MEC System Deployment Model is presented. The number of MEC Systems are quantified for multiple latencies choices and population coverage percentages. This categorizes the coverage required for every county in the US (over 3100) by state, Major Trading Area (MTA), and Basic Trading Area (BTA). With this model we can extrapolate the total available market (TAM) for the number of MEC Systems worldwide.

The report concludes with a five-year forecast of the primary components of a MEC System. It includes the servers (revenue and units) for the Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure (NFVI) and the Packet Core User Plane Function (revenue and licenses) by Public MEC and Private MEC.

Summarizing, the Dell’Oro Group MEC Market Advanced Research Report includes:

  • Definition and Scope
  • Market Drivers
  • Use Cases
  • System Architecture
  • Vendor Ecosystem
  • US Deployment Model
  • 5-year Forecast

Research of the MEC report is the culmination of quantitative and qualitative information on the market based on:

  • Interviews of over a dozen telco equipment, server, and chip/component vendors, service providers, and end-users.
  • MEC forecast is triangulated from current Dell’Oro Group research in these areas: Servers, Mobile Core Network, Mobile Backhaul, Mobile RAN, and IoT.

As with the market’s transition to cloud computing, in which certain vendors and system vendors came out ahead, the emergence of edge computing provides various growth opportunities. MEC has the potential to become a multi-billion dollar industry. MEC has a key strategic focus for chip and system vendors, and service providers alike.

With this report, you will be able to answer critical business questions including:

  • What are the business and technology growth drivers for MEC?
  • What are the emerging customer segments / deployment models and the outlook?
  • Who are the major vendors and which vendors could benefit?
  • What are the MEC product classifications and adjacent products?
  • What are technology enablers necessary for adoption?

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