Stefan Pongratz

Vice President

Dell’Oro Group’s standard forecast reports span five years into the future. The RAN 2030 research report will extend the forecast horizon and assess the RAN potential for 2030. The report will also address the contribution from growth segments including 6G, vRAN, Open RAN, mmWave, and private wireless.

The report answers critical business questions, including:

  • How big will the RAN market be in 2030?
  • How will 6G impact the 2030 RAN market?
  • Will vRAN play a greater role with 6G than 5G?
  • Will Open RAN be mainstream by 2030?
  • What frequencies will drive the RAN market by 2030?
  • How will the use cases change?
  • What impact will new growth segments have on the overall RAN ecosystem?