5G Research—Information You Need to Make Informed Business Decisions

Historically, a new mobile technology has presented itself roughly once every 10 years. So given the historical track record of 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G, the 5G standard should be ready by 2020. The historical adoption of mobile technology is the primary driver of the intense marketing hype we are witnessing right now with 5G. The views are being challenged by many because the historical timelines of previous standard release cycles are in the driver seat—not the demand, readiness, and the value of the use cases. The technical and financial reality is being questioned, given that operators just spent billions upgrading their networks to 4G.

With Internet of Things, the Cloud, smart cities, virtual/augmented reality, and self-driving cars grabbing all the media attention, it is easy to forget that voice and data services using either a mobile phone or a computer/tablet controlled by a human being accounted for more than 98 percent of worldwide carrier revenues in 2015.

With currency adjusted worldwide mobile operator revenues growing at a compound annual growth rate of 0 percent to 1 percent between 2012 and 2015 despite smartphone shipments growing at a double-digit rate over the same period (according to Dell’Oro Group’s 2H15 Carrier Economics Report), carriers are well aware what impact a maturing smartphone market will have on their topline. So it is perhaps no surprise that with the smartphone approaching its 10-year anniversary, carriers and vendors feel a tremendous sense of urgency to identify the next growth engine.

Fortunately the first phase of the 5G standard is scheduled to be complete by 2019 and there is no shortage of suggestions for the potential use cases or applications that will define the next phase in this on-going digital transformation – which ideally will be about so much more than an improved smartphone experience for today’s use cases.

Dell’Oro Group’s 5G Research

Our Approach: We believe that 5G will be a game-changer and have a significantly broader effect than previous technology shifts. We intend to leverage our expertise in telecom and data center infrastructure along with our growing service provider coverage to analyze and track progress across a broad range of technologies and applications and to highlight emerging trends and developments of the upcoming shift towards 5G. By updating our research on a regular, periodic basis, we are able to provide timely insights into the latest developments and trends that characterize the dynamic and exciting pre-5G and 5G markets.

Detailed Reports: We track all the network equipment markets that are required to enable 5G, including:

  • Mobile Radio Access Network
  • Wireless Packet Core
  • Carrier IP Telephony

With our foundation as the first market research firm to start tracking mobile infrastructure markets on a quarterly basis circa 2000, we are uniquely positioned to uncover and analyze the key trends and deliver a complete picture of 5G including:

  • Use cases driving the need for a new technology standard
  • The shift towards small cell and how it will impact total demand for 5G
  • How the diverging trends between the standards and carrier deployments will impact initial 5G deployments

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