Watch Videos Featuring Dell’Oro Analysts & Research

5G in the North American Market: Trials, Misdirection, and Incompatible Technology

Dave Bolan, Research Director for Mobile Core Network, chaired this special debate to discuss whether 5G is prime time ready at NetEvents Global Summit 2019. Featuring speakers are including Kelly Ahuja, CEO at Versa Networks, and Jeff Lipton, VP of Strategy and Corporate Development at Aruba Networks.

Interview: Ranking the mobile network market

Stefan Pongratz, Senior Director, Dell’Oro Group, discusses how the mobile infrastructure market is performing in 2019 and expectations for 2020. He discusses vendor rankings and how the industry should best “gear up” for a future 5G world.

The Trends and Innovations of 10G PON and Home Wi-Fi

Jeff Heynen, Research Director of Dell’Oro Group, shares his opinions on the trends and innovations of 10G PON and Home Wi-Fi at Huawei Global Analyst Summit event.

ONUG Analyst Panel Spending on Cloud

Baron Fung, Director with Dell’Oro Group, joined with other industry experts at the analyst panel and shared Server and Cloud capex data center insights.