Jimmy Yu

Vice President

Coherent optics changed the path of the Optical Transport market when it entered in 2008. It is now a technology that is expanding beyond traditional optical DWDM systems into routers, Ethernet switches, and other equipment such as servers and broadband access systems. However, with the growing market landscape is a higher level of complexity in tracking the market size, shape, and direction. This is further complicated by the independent procurement of coherent optical plugs, modules, and line cards. Some of these are purchased with a network system from an equipment systems manufacturer and some are purchased separately or directly from the module manufacturer. The Coherent Optics Advanced Research Report (ARR) aims to answer critical market questions such as:

  • What is the total market demand for coherent optics? For ZR optics?
  • What share of coherent optics are being used on an Ethernet Switch & Router?
  • When will the next generation of coherent technology be available and what will be the adoption across the different technology platforms (DWDM System and Router& Switch)?

The Coherent Optics Advanced Research Report is a market report that tracks the entire use of coherent optics, accounting for optical plugs, modules, and line cards.