Beyond our subscription services, advanced research services, and single report purchases, we offer custom research and consulting services:

Our analysts have a deep understanding of their markets and can go beyond their published research to deliver custom data sets such as enhanced regional clarity, going deeper into specific product segments. Dell’Oro Group analysts can provide custom TAM & Forecasting, competitive analysis, and survey research.

Dell’Oro Group analysts are often asked to provide an overview of the market trends and competitive landscape for advisory boards and executive teams. Dell’Oro analysts bring a unique perspective with a deep understanding of market size, share, and competitive positioning of vendors.

Our analysts are also recurring contributors to major industry trade publications. Their articles and blog posts are frequently some of the most viewed content on those sites. Put those capabilities and reach to work for you with contributed articles, blogs, videos, and white papers that frame and forecast emerging technologies and markets.

Our analysts are frequent, recurring speakers at industry events worldwide. They can help inform and educate your customers and prospects through custom speaking projects, both online and in-person. Dell’Oro Group analysts regularly perform the role of providing a trusted and unbiased opinion of market trends for webinars and customer and partner events.

Disclaimer: Dell’Oro Group does not perform projects that are to the detriment to other competitors of the client


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