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You need timely, reliable data to respond to today’s changing markets. Founded in 1995 with headquarters in the heart of Silicon Valley, Dell’Oro Group, regarded as “the Gold Standard” for market information about telecommunications, enterprise networks, and data center infrastructure, has provided in-depth, objective research that enables you to make strategic business decisions with confidence.

  • Truly Independent Research


    All analysts are renowned specialists in their sectors of the telecommunications and data center industries.

    No Endorsements

    We don’t play favorites, which means you receive only the most objective, accurate research.

    Senior Analysts Only

    A senior analyst works on your project from start  to finish to develop thorough, knowledge-rich reports.

  • Our Unique Research Process

    One senior analyst prepares and produces our research coverage from beginning to end, focusing on market research and trends for a single project. The analyst conducts every survey and interview, allowing for greater availability to clients and the ability to shift focus if unexpected information about a new technology is uncovered. This process allows us to provide the most accurate, in-depth and timely reports in the industry.

Our Team

Our analyst team is comprised of industry veterans with, on average, over 20 years of experience. The senior analysts who prepare and produce Dell’Oro group’s research have formal education in quantitative disciplines, such as engineering and finance, and master’s degrees in business administration. Many of our analysts come to Dell’Oro group from manufacturers associated with the industries we track, giving them an inside perspective.

Our Clients

World-class companies use Dell’Oro Group research to inform strategic business decisions and answer questions such as:

  • Where does my company stand in the market, and what are my competitors doing?
  • Where should my company focus resources to maximize revenues and to take full advantage of business opportunities?
  • How big is a particular market, and how can my company increase its share?
  • Which firm is best positioned to experience strong revenue growth?
  • What are the critical and emerging trends in a particular market?
“We place enormous value on our client relationships and are proud to have so many loyal clients with whom we share a mutual regard for each other's expertise.”

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