To effectively respond to today’s changing markets, you need timely, reliable data.  Dell’Oro Group, the trusted source for market information about telecommunications infrastructure, networks infrastructure, and data center infrastructure, provides in-depth, objective research and analysis that enables you to make strategic business decisions with confidence and maintain your competitive edge.

Founded in 1995 with headquarters in the heart of Silicon Valley, Dell’Oro Group has long-standing relationships with major telecommunications, networks and IT companies and leverages those relationships to deliver the most accurate market research to you.

Dell’Oro Group Market Research

To effectively make strategic decisions about the future of your firm, you need more than a qualitative discussion – you also need data that accurately shows the direction of market movement. As such, Dell’Oro Group provides detailed quantitative information on revenues, port and/or unit shipments, and average selling prices – in-depth market information to enable you to keep abreast of current market conditions and take advantage of future market trends.

Clients are welcome to contact our analysts directly with questions or to test hypotheses or discuss strengths and weaknesses of different scenarios.  Our analysts become part of your team to share their deep and rich understanding of technology trends, manufacturers’ products and how deployments are changing.

To provide the best market research Dell’Oro Group delivers:

  • Our research process – One senior analyst prepares and produces the research coverage end-to-end, living and breathing what is going on in the market, and is accessible on-demand to clients.  The senior analyst conducts the surveys with Enterprise and Service Provider end users, distributors, and integrators, which means they can change and re-focus the discussion on-the-fly as they discover a catalyst or an inhibitor to deploying a new technology.  The analyst conducts the surveys with the product managers at the manufacturers producing the equipment, as well as the component suppliers – we engage in-depth with all members of the ecosystem.
  • Industry veteran analysts – the senior analysts preparing and producing the research have formal education in quantitative disciplines such as Engineering or Finance, Masters Degrees, and generally come from manufacturers associated with the industries we track.  Our analyst team has on average more than 20 years of work experience.
  • Truly independent research – Dell’Oro Group is proud to have earned the reputation as “the trusted source” through not only producing accurate work in a timely manner, but also by not aligning itself with any company.  For example, you will not find Dell’Oro Group providing product or strategy endorsements in vendor press releases, nor will we inflate a market forecast to satisfy a vendor filing an S-1 as they prepare to enter the public share market.  Maintaining the integrity of our relationships with executives and corporations in the industry, over many years, is central to our business practice.

Dell’Oro Group Clients

Dell’Oro Group clients include the leading manufacturers producing equipment and components for telecommunications, networks, and data center IT, financial services firms, telecommunications service providers, and numerous others.  These world-class companies use Dell’Oro Group research as an integral part of their business to answer questions such as:

  • Where does my company stand in the market and what are my competitors doing?
  • Where should my company focus resources to maximize revenues?
  • How big is a particular market and how can my company increase its share?
  • Which firm is best positioned to experience strong revenue growth?
  • What are the trends in a particular market?

So you can make your strategic business decisions with confidence, learn more about how Dell’Oro Group market research services can provide the best market information.