Data Center Infrastructure — What You Need to Know to Make Informed Strategic Business Decisions

Deep technology and architectural shifts in the data center have fundamentally changed how servers, storage systems, and data center network equipment, are configured, selected, sold and deployed. Two distinct customer types—namely the Cloud and Enterprise—have emerged, with very different needs and patterns of consumption, sending waves of change throughout the industry.

Network technology is now the most important factor in data center architecture and is driving purchase decisions of servers and storage systems. Upward transitions in connection rates to the network tell the real story of what is happening in the data center.

To provide our clients with immediately actionable research and clarity on the data center architectural changes, Dell’Oro Group analyzes the Server, Storage Systems and Network Equipment markets side-by-side. Our unique approach gives us a deep and accurate understanding of both what is at play in the data center now, and the implications for these individual markets and the vendors going forward.

Dell’Oro Group’s Data Center Research

Holistic View: side-by-side review of these markets reveals the dependencies and associations among equipment categories from both a quantitative and qualitative perspective. Our senior analysts collaborate to combine their deep understanding of the technologies and assess what is driving the equipment purchase decision. They cross-check and validate key trends, ensuring no double-counting in our quantitative data, particularly where compute, storage, and network technologies are converged into one product.

Detailed Reports: we track all major data center equipment markets and vendors, including:

  • Server
  • Storage Systems
  • Network Equipment (Data Center Ethernet Switches, Controller & Adapters, Data Center Appliance – Network Security Firewalls, and SAN Switches, etc.)
  • Advanced research topics such as deployment locations, and SDN’s role in disrupting the data center

Networking Metrics: in addition to revenues and pricing, we also quantify each market from a networking perspective. Valuable metrics may include port counts by speed across equipment categories, Ethernet and Fiber Channel connections; Server network and virtualization metrics by form factor; Storage unit network integration, retrieval method, communication protocol, and ports and capacity.

Key Trends: with a foundation of 20 years of detailed quarterly research of network equipment markets, we are uniquely positioned to uncover and analyze the key trends and deliver a complete picture of the data center, including:

  • the Cloud vs. Enterprise and how this trend is developing
  • threats posed to vendors who must change traditional sales methods and adapt to survive
  • extensive studies on regional influence, such as China’s prominent position in these markets

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