Dell’Oro Group reports can be purchased on a one-time basis or as part of a subscription service.

Individual Reports


Advanced Research Reports

Not every client will require information on an ongoing basis.  Dell’Oro Group offers full reports on a one-time basis. The purchase of a single report is ideal for companies that have a one-time, immediate need for market research.  The purchase of a single report includes:

  • One report softcopy in Excel and PDF formats, delivered via email
  • 30 minutes of analyst support available within 30 days of purchase
  In addition to our quarterly reports and 5-year forecast reports, Dell’Oro Group publishes special coverage reports.  These reports identify and analyze important trends in the space, supplementing our quarterly market share and 5-year forecast reports.
Read more about our Research Programs.   Read more about our Advanced Research Reports.

Subscription Service


TopLine & TopLine Plus

For clients who have an ongoing need for research, Dell’Oro Group offers subscription services for the 17 technology programs we track*  **.  The purchase of a subscription service includes:

  • Four quarterly reports delivered in February, May, August, and November.
  • Two 5-year forecast reports delivered in January and July
  • Up to 6 hours of direct analyst support
  • Invitations to the Dell’Oro Group quarterly conference call
  • Online login access

* Please note that Carrier Ethernet service does not include 5-year forecast reports

** Carrier Economics Service includes two reports annually including both quarterly and bi-annual data, published in March and September (it does not include quarterly or 5-year forecast reports described above)


  Dell’Oro Group’s TopLine and TopLine Plus subscription services are designed to provide valuable information across the majority of the technologies we track.*These programs are essential for clients who are interested in a wide variety of markets, but do not require a high amount of information granularity.Dell’Oro Group’s TopLine Plus service offers a qualitative summary and top-level market and vendor share revenue, unit, and average selling price information on a quarterly basis.* Excluding Controller & Adapter, Enterprise Edge, Server, and Wireless Packet Core
Read more about our Research Programs.   Read more about our Research Programs.


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