Stefan Pongratz

Stefan Pongratz

Senior Director

The pace of change in the telecom industry is faster today than it has ever been. The next phase of the digital journey will deliver unanticipated innovation and the timing, the process, and path of how to get to the next phase is controversial. This has become a major focal point with the next technology shift from 4G to 5G.

We believe that 5G will be a game changer and have a significantly broader effect than previous technology shifts. We intend to leverage our expertise in telecom and data center infrastructure along with our growing service provider coverage to analyze and track progress across a broad range of technologies and applications and to highlight emerging trends and developments of the upcoming shift towards 5G. By updating our research on a regular, periodic basis, we are able to provide timely insights into the latest developments and trends that characterize the dynamic and exciting pre-5G and 5G markets.

With our foundation as the first market research firm to start tracking mobile infrastructure markets on a quarterly basis circa 2000, we are uniquely positioned to uncover and analyze the key trends and deliver a complete picture of 5G.

The report addresses such questions as:

  • What are the use cases driving the need for a new technology standard?
  • Will adoption happen at a faster or slower pace than previous technology shifts?
  • What regions will likely be the early adopters?
  • What will the impact be on the 5G RAN market?

The report includes a 5-year forecast looking at 5G RAN technologies, including RF Output Power (Macro Cells and Small Cells), Baseband Architecture (Centralized,Distributed), and Spectrum (Sub-6 Ghz, Millimeter wave), by revenue and units, and 5G Core technologies, including network functions virtualization by revenue and licenses.

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