Jeff Heynen

Vice President

Broadband service has become a necessity for nations, communities, and service providers alike. Providing broadband connectivity for all individuals has become an important goal for all of these entities, whether via existing fixed-line infrastructure or fiber. Fixed wireless is becoming a critical option for connecting rural and underserved communities, but is also growing rapidly as a means for all service providers to expand their broadband footprint through the use of both 3gpp-based and non-3gpp-based technologies. As 5G NR networks expand, so do opportunities to deliver fixed wireless broadband as an alternative to existing fixed broadband services in both urban and suburban environments. In addition to fixed wireless, LEOS (Low Earth Orbiting Satellite)-based broadband services from companies such as Starlink, Amazon, and Viasat are also expanding to provide another connectivity option in rural and underserved communities.

To take advantage of the growing opportunities in the fixed wireless and satellite broadband markets, from the perspective of both the RAN and CPE required to deliver these services, component manufacturers, equipment vendors, service providers, and financial institutions will find answers to critical business questions, including:

  • Which fixed wireless technologies will service providers use to deliver fixed wireless–5G Sub-6GHz, including CBRS, Millimeter Wave, and Terragraph?
  • How will fixed wireless technologies serve as an alternative to and an extension of existing fixed broadband networks?
  • Which service providers are using specific fixed wireless technologies to deliver broadband services within their service footprint?
  • Will LEOS-based broadband prove to be more widespread than first-generation satellite broadband services?
  • Will fixed wireless services be able to compete long-term with the rapid expansion of fiber networks around the world?
  • What is the expected growth of subscribers to both fixed wireless and satellite broadband services around the world?
  • Will fixed wireless and satellite broadband services be successful in penetrating the small business market?

The reports include tables showing manufacturers’ revenue, indoor/outdoor units shipped, and average selling prices. The report also includes a 5-year forecast for the following areas:

  • Segments: CPE, RAN, Satellite
  • Technology: 5G NR Sub-6 GHz, 5G mmWave, LTE, 802.11/Other, 60 GHz
  • Regions: North America, EMEA, Asia Pacific, Caribbean and Latin America