May 22, 2013     

Tam was delighted recently to join Bob Metcalfe and other Ethernet industry founders and luminaries at the Ethernet Innovation Summit in Silicon Valley, in celebration of 40 years of this game-changing technology.

Tam Dell’Oro started Dell’Oro Group back in 1995.  The industry was asking for Ethernet Switch vendor market share information on a quarterly basis.  The technology had taken hold and companies such as 3Com, Cabletron, Chipcom, Cisco Systems and Xylan were bringing new innovation to the market.  The data was not available.  These are the Reports she set out to provide – that was 71 quarters ago.

Before starting the session, Tam invited the audience to take a reality check—to look around at all the people at the conference that developed ad planted the seed of Ethernet, and to think about the hundreds of thousands (probably millions) of great jobs they have created for people all over the world over the past 40 years.  A fantastic achievement!

The session began with Tam Dell’Oro providing a background on Ethernet and Carrier networks, showing the progression of the technology.  Download Tam Dell’Oro’s slides HERE.

Tam was joined on stage by panelists:

Howard Charney Senior Vice President, Office of the President, Cisco Systems, co-Founder of 3Com, and Grand Junction and an innovator of Switched 100 Ethernet in the mid-1990s.
Said Ouissal Vice President, Juniper.  Said was also at Ericsson and responsible for strategy and go-to-market for Ericsson’s IP & Broadband portfolio.
Mark Durrett Director, Marketing, Overture.  Mark was a former co-Founder of Hatteras Networks that focused on Ethernet in the Last Mile.
James Walker Vice President, Managed Network Services, TATA Communications. James oversees TATA’s Carrier Ethernet Services which have grown 15-fold in revenues over the last 5 years.
Yali Z Liu Executive Director, Product Technology, Verizon.  Yali is responsible for making sure that the hand-off between different carrier networks is seamless.


Watch the video of this session at the Ethernet Innovation Summit page.  Hear from the executive panel how important Ethernet is and has been to their business.

Other topics addressed in the session include:

  • Why did it take so long for Carrier Ethernet, Business Ethernet, and Metro Ethernet services to be deployed and then to ramp up?  And what’s going on now that causes that market to ramp up?
  • Why do some still choose TDM technology, SONET, DS1, even when Ethernet is available?  What is holding people back from buying Ethernet where they could?  Why are people deciding to use these technologies even where Ethernet is available?
  • Is SDN an important evolution for Carrier Ethernet?

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