With Dell’Oro Group’s extensive coverage of the telecom, networking and data center IT markets, we are always on the lookout for the latest trends that are creating buzz. Sometimes these topics warrant an Advanced Research report or perhaps commentary in our Quarterly Reports and 5-Year Forecast Reports.

No matter how we deliver the research, our analysts are eager to provide insight into the trends they feel are important.

Research Programs

  • Broadband Access
    • G.fast
  • Microwave Transmission & Mobile Backhaul

    • India market reported separately
  • Mobile RAN
    • 5G forecast by Spectrum:  Millimeter Wave and Sub 6 GHz
    • 5G forecast by RF Output Power: Macro and Small cells
    • 5G forecast by Baseband Architecture: Centralized, Cloud, Distributed, Integrated
  • Network Security & Data Center Appliance
    • Web App. Firewalls (ADC and Network Security)
  • Optical Transport
    • China market reported separately
    • Segmentation of Data Center Interconnect / Internet Content Provider
  • Storage Systems
    • Regional information for External Systems market
    • Segmentation for All Flash Array market
  • WLAN
    • WLAN by 10 Verticals
    • Enterprise Cloud vs. Premises Managed
    • Expanded Enterprise regional coverage with separate reporting on Europe and China

Advanced Research Reports