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On Tuesday, June 26, I presented a webinar introducing the 802.3bt™ Power over Ethernet (PoE), hosted by Dell’Oro Group and Ethernet Alliance.  Chad Jones with Cisco and David Tremblay with HPE were my partner speakers at this webinar.

PoE has already become the go-to for devices requiring low-voltage power. Coupled with emerging Internet of Things (IoT) devices like security cameras, medical devices, LED lighting, and more, the PoE application space is booming. With the ratification of IEEE 802.3.bt™ getting closer, the “Introducing IEEE 802.3bt™ Power over Ethernet” Webinar offers clarity on what to expect from this innovative technology.

To recap this webinar, we talked about:

  • What is Power Over Ethernet?
  • What are the different classes and types and how they all work together?
  • What are the different applications and devices driving PoE requirement?
  • How big is the PoE market opportunity from a device perspective?
  • How big is the PoE market opportunity from a switching perspective?
  • How many PoE switch ports do we expect over the next five years?
  • What are the new PoE requirements of new devices and how are the PoE requirements of traditional devices changing?
  • What are the new features and the new power levels of IEEE 802.3bt™?
  • Importance of interoperability testing and certification

Need a refresher?  Missed the webinar?  Click this link to watch the webinar recording.

I hope you can find this webinar valuable to you and get a lot out of it.