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Dell’Oro Group has counted 15 Communication Service Providers (CSPs) that have commercially deployed 5G Standalone (5G SA) networks for eMBB (enhanced Mobile Broadband) services, which requires 5G Core. None of these CSPs used the Public Cloud for their 5G Core. Rather, they went the traditional route, building their own private telecom networks, or, as known in the 5G world, the Telco Cloud.

With nearly a thousand CSPs in the world, we are obviously in the embryonic stage of the lifecycle of the 5G SA market. A lot is at stake, as billions of dollars will be invested in 5G Core. So which way should a CSP go, Public Cloud or Telco Cloud? Part of the answer depends on the target market of particular CSPs: eMBB, FWA (Fixed Wireless Access), Private Wireless Networks, or IIOT (Industrial Internet-of-Things). The rest of the answer depends on the management and engineering expertise a CSP may or may not have. One size will not fit all CSPs.

Since no CSP is yet up and running an eMBB 5G Core in the Public Cloud, what questions need to be answered before they decide to move to the Public Cloud? What are the challenges and considerations? In this white paper, we will give CSPs the information they need to make the move or not, while also informing Public Cloud SPs of the questions they need to respond to.


Watch This Video for the Key Takeaways