December 18, 2013 After 18 years of history reporting on networking equipment, Dell’Oro Group has launched server coverage at a fascinating stage in the evolution of this market; and from a very interesting angle. As servers, storage and networking are … Continued

December 17, 2013 Overall small cell trial activity remains high and vendors continue to optimize their solutions, even though commercial small cell networks deployed by service providers in metro areas and enterprises are happening at a slower pace than expected. … Continued

October 22, 2013 Smartphone and tablet users consume significant wireless data in nomadic and stationary locations.  Some operators have decided to deliver mobile wireless service using not just cellular but WiFi radio systems.  At the risk of over-generalizing to illustrate … Continued

We recently published a 5-year forecast on the Mobile Backhaul market.  In this research study, we looked at the two layers of mobile backhaul — Transport along with Routing and Switching (R&S). The conclusion, simply put, was that you can’t … Continued

Looking past the over 20,000 attendees, the packed sessions, and a concert with Imagine Dragons and Train, I observed many interesting trends.  First, from a vendor perspective, almost all the major Ethernet Switch, ADC, WANOP, and Security vendors had a … Continued

The term ‘small cell’ is widely used to describe the traditional pico/micro base stations as well as the next generation type of small cell designed to complement the macro network and realize improved performances at the cell edges, indoor, and … Continued