Analyst Opinion – Vecima Networks Adds to Access Portfolio with Nokia Cable Buy

In yet another sign of a re-shuffling of the deck among cable equipment vendors, Vecima Networks announced an agreement to acquire the Nokia DOCSIS DAA and EPON/DPoE product portfolio. The agreement comes on the heels of ATX Networks’ acquisition of Cisco’s cable amplifier business and continues the trend we have seen of larger equipment vendors divesting business units to smaller companies focused squarely on global cable operators.


Broadband Access Equipment Spending to Drop 7% in 2020

Global headwinds in 2020 will result in a 7% Y/Y decline in broadband access equipment spending, as service providers try to deliver judicious bandwidth growth to satisfy increased demand from telework and online education applications, while also preserving capital for a return to growth in 2021 and beyond.


AI Powering the Home Broadband Experience

This combination of machine learning, AI, and Wi-Fi 6 is giving service providers a toolset they’ve never had before to not only improve how they deliver Wi-Fi services to home broadband subscribers but also how they can tailor and customize their broadband and Wi-Fi offerings to each user, based on their consumption requirements. The net result is a powerful new revolution in-home Wi-Fi.


Worldwide Data Center Capex to Grow 6 Percent CAGR by 2024

We just finished our first Data Center Capex July 2020 5-year Forecast Report. Data center capex, which includes capex for servers and other data center infrastructure equipment, is forecasted to grow at a 6% CAGR to just over $200 B over the next five years. Growth is forecasted to be mixed depending on the customer segment. The Cloud, which already accounts for more than 60% of the worldwide data center capex


Radio Access Network Investments to Surpass $0.2 Trillion

The global upswing that began in the second half of 2018 has become deeper and stronger. Even with the higher-than-usual degree of uncertainty around the economy, we forecast that the RAN market will grow at a healthy pace over the next three years, before growth tapers off in the outer part of the forecast period, resulting in a mid-single digit CAGR between 2018 and 2022. Cumulative investments over the 2019-2024 period are expected to eclipse $200 B.


Optical Transport Market—July 2020 Five-Year Forecast Report

Optical Transport Market to Expand for many more Years, Reaching nearly $18 Billion. The world experienced a global pandemic in 2020 that ushered in a global economic recession. It is still unknown how much longer the coronavirus, COVID-19, will spread and cause economic disruptions, and at what rate the global economy will recover following massive shutdowns in the first half of the year. That being said, while in past macro-economic recessions the Optical Transport market would contract, we believe that in this recession, the demand for Optical Transport will increase as a large number of people shift to remote learning and working.


Network Security Market Not Immune to the Pandemic

In just over half a year, COVID-19 has made its presence felt far and wide.  But it has been capricious.  The pandemic has caused severe illness for some individuals, while in others causing no symptoms. With 1Q20 squarely in the rear-view mirror, our data shows that the network security market experienced a similar phenomenon.  On the whole, the network security market paused in 1Q20 and registered small growth of just under 1% Y/Y.  But within the individual four product segments including Content Security, Application Delivery Controller, Firewall, and Intrusion Prevention Service, we track, 1Q20 played out very differently, with some seeing significant growth and others a marked deceleration


The SD-WAN Market’s Changing Landscape

We believe that the momentum of the SD-WAN market will be dampened over the near term, but there are a number of technological and business attributes that provide the basis for a positive long term outlook.

In the first quarter of 2020, the SD-WAN market grew by double-digits, but the growth rate decelerated considerably due to supply chain disruptions and end user purchase hesitations at the start of COVID-19. The lower growth rates will persist for some time, and we expect that over the next 12 months, some enterprises will defer plans to adopt SD-WAN, and severe financial distress will permanently eliminate deployment plans for others

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