Huawei HAS 2022 RAN Takeaways

Huawei recently held its annual analyst event, HAS 2022. While we were not able to attend in person, we participated in various online events. Below we will discuss some of the RAN related highlights when it comes to expectations for 2022, 5.5 G, 5G B2B, green sites, DIS, and Sub-3 GHz.


A Deeper Dive into Nokia’s Big Microsoft Win

At the end of April, Nokia, a fairly new entrant to the data center switch space, made the groundbreaking announcement that the company will be supplying its 7250 IXR networking gear to Microsoft, the third-largest Cloud Service Provider (SP). As I noted in my 2022 prediction blog published earlier this year, I have been anticipating a fair number of new switch vendor insertions at the large hyperscalers in 2022, as the 400 Gbps upgrade cycle starts to materialize outside of Google and Amazon.


Top Five CISO Demands and Challenges

I recently had the opportunity to moderate a panel for the Business Innovation Leaders Forum that brought five veteran security executives together to discuss contemporary CISO demands and challenges…This blog summarizes five takeaways that stood out from our discussion.


DOCSIS 4.0 Developments Highlight CableLabs 10G Showcase

Though fiber technologies and deployments continue to capture the most attention when it comes to broadband, two technology demonstrations at CableLabs 10G Showcase provided clear evidence that DOCSIS 4.0 will keep cable operators competitive with their current outside plants. Furthermore, the advancements shown during each of the demonstrations could potentially accelerate the deployment of DOCSIS 4.0 technologies across a wider network footprint


Key Takeaways—2021 Total Enterprise Network Equipment Market

We’ve just wrapped up the 4Q21 reporting period for Dell’Oro Group’s enterprise network equipment programs, which include campus switches, enterprise data center switches, SD-WAN & enterprise routers, network security, and Wireless LAN. Enterprises include businesses of all sizes as well as government, education, and research entities. The equipment tracked in these programs can be used for wired or wireless data communication in private and secure networks.

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