Dell’Oro Group recently held a lunchtime presentation and discussion on Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and related technologies in San Jose. At the luncheon, Shin Umeda, our vice president who spearheaded our Advanced Research Report on Network Functions Virtualization, led the … Continued

In this year’s Huawei Global Analyst Summit, Huawei discussed everything from NFV to SDN to Data Centers to Storage. Prior to the conference I had the opportunity to visit the company’s Beijing center which focuses on IP.  At only a … Continued

Network Functions Virtualization, or NFV*, continues to be among the hottest areas within telecommunications networking.  Fundamentally, NFV changes the way networks are designed and operated, and in turn, changes the products that vendors sell to network operators.  Sizing the market … Continued

We are getting a lot of questions about Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)— How big is the market? How do we see it impacting the equipment manufacturers?  The telecom operators? When and where’s the impact?  What do we watch for? Our … Continued